Trellidor Clear Guard

Security Screens for Doors & Windows


  • Custom made protective screens that provide see-through security
  • Tailored to fit a wide range of door and window styles
  • Excellent resistance to attack by robbers
  • Effectively blocks out baboons, monkeys, mosquitoes and other pests
  • Fully framed for strength under attack.
  • Industrial grade woven stainless steel mesh panel surpassed international strength tests
  • Assists with internal temperature control and energy efficiency by blocking out sun’s UV rays
  • Allows airflow through the mesh screen
  • Durable and corrosion resistant even in coastal conditions
  • Suitable for all levels of security risk, from low to high
  • Carries warranty against defective workmanship, materials and corrosion

Product Overview

Trellidor Clear Guard security screens for unobstructed views

Trellidor Clear Guard can be custom made to fit windows, doors, patios and other openings. It is very popular wherever an uncluttered appearance combined with functionality is important such as homes, offices, eco-estates, game lodges, hotels, hospitals and locations with lovely views. The design of each unit is sleek and streamlined and its most appealing attribute is that you see right through the mesh to the view beyond.

Options and Attributes

The Trellidor Clear Guard casement window is suitable for single window openings and allows easy access. It is hinged on either the left or right side of the frame and opens outward or inward from the opposite side. The awning window is ideal for windows with difficult access. It is secured at the top and opens outward or inward from the bottom.

This option is suitable where there are two opening panels to the door or window, both of which need protection and easy access for movement and cleaning. The Trellidor Clear Guard units consist of two panels that open and close on separate tracks, allowing access on either side. The Trellidor Clear Guard panels lock on both sides of the opening.

The Trellidor Clear Guard fixed panel is suitable for non-opening windows, shopfronts or to enclose patio areas, making it fly, mosquito or animal proof. It can also be effective for areas that need to be screened off where a solid wall or panel is not appropriate. The fixed panel also helps to reduce wind by 40% and provides 60% UV resistance. Fixed panels can be used in conjunction with either sliding or hinged units.

The Trellidor Clear Guard French window has two operating panels creating unobstructed views as there is no centre post. The panels are hinged on the left and right of the opening and open from the centre.

The Trellidor Clear Guard Sash Window is suitable for windows where space is limited on either side of the window frame. It is made up of two individual panels which run alongside each other on separate tracks. There are two locking mechanisms - one in the centre of the window and one at the base.

Trellidor Clear Guard sliding doors are available in single or double sliding options depending on the space and application. Panels can run on separate tracks allowing them to stack neatly side by side. This system comes with an interlock ensuring each panel pulls the other along the track. This option allows the opening area of the door or window to be maximised when Trellidor Clear Guard is fully open.

The Trellidor Clear Guard premium bi-fold door is top hung and runs on the top track, guided by the bottom track - for smooth operation. Each panel stacks neatly to one side of the opening. The door can be configured to allow for a single or double working door for daily use, while the other panels remain secure. The bi-fold door maximises the area of the opening when the unit is fully open. The system comes with shoot bolts on each panel for added security.

Trellidor Clear Guard is ideal for sliding doors and windows that have fixed panels on either side. Both units run on the same single track and lock where they meet. Fully open Trellidor Clear Guard units maximise the opening area of the door or window.

The Trellidor Clear Guard French door is suitable in applications where clear door openings are required and space is limited on either side of the door frame. The panels are hinged on the left and right of the opening and open from the centre.

The Trellidor Clear Guard hinged door is suitable for single opening doors with limited space on either side. It can also be used in passage ways to secure off areas in homes or businesses. The door can hinge from either the left or right side, depending on the application.

This option is suitable for sliding doors and windows with two panels, one of which is fixed. The single Trellidor Clear Guard panel is stored behind the fixed portion of the sliding door/window when not in use and slides closed over the opening portion when needed for protection.

These Trellidor Clear Guard sliding door or window panels open up and stack on either side of the opening. Each panel runs on an individual track and all the panels stack neatly to the width of one panel.

International Testing

Trellidor Clear Guard doors and windows have been subjected to a range of standardized international strength and attack tests and surpassed all requirements. These tests include the following standard tests for security screen doors and windows according to the Australian Standard:

Knife Shear Test AS5039, AS5041-2003
Dynamic Impact Test AS5039, AS5041-2003
Impact Resistance Test ASTM D2794 (QUALICOAT)
Jemmy Test AS5039, AS5041-2003
Natural Salt Spray Test ASTM B117
UV Testing PTEC (Electrical and Electric Products Testing Centre)
Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic Testing PBRU (Phetchaburi Rajabhat University Laboratory)
Solar Heat Test PTEC (Electrical and Electric Products Testing Centre
Mosquito Protection Test CMU (Chiang Mai University Laboratory)
Gloss Test AS3715 (ISO2813/QUALICOAT)
Coating Thickness Test AS2331/ISO2360 (QUALICOAT)
Eye Visual Colour Test AS3715 (QUALICOAT)
Resistance to Boiling Water QUALICOAT
Polymerisation Test (MEK) AS3715 (QUALICOAT)
Bend Test ISO1519 (QUALICOAT)
Indentation Test AS3715 (ISO2815/QUALICOAT)
Adhesion Test AS3715 (ISO2409/QUALICOAT)

Flexible Colour Range

  • White
  • Matt

  • Sand
  • Light
  • Matt
  • Matt
  • Matt

Trellidor Clear Guard security screen products come in 2 standard (White & Matt Bronze) and 5 non-standard colours (Sand, Light Brown, Matt Aluminium, Matt Charcoal and Matt Black). Special colours are available on request, allowing you to choose a colour to best suit your decor or your corporate colours.

All Trellidor products are finished in a state-of-the-art powder coating plant. As such the colours on this webpage will have a 5% to 10% variation from the actual product colour. This is due to the difference in the way light reflects off paper, steel and aluminum.

Should you have any concerns or would like to see the actual powder coated colour, please speak to your Trellidor consultant who will be able to provide you with a physical sample.

Corrosion Resistant Coating

The Trellidor powder coating system includes a pre-treatment process that enhances our products’ corrosion and UV resistance. The powder coating is ideal for coastal and inland conditions and increases the lifespan of the barrier by retaining its quality finish.

All Trellidor products are finished in a state-of-the-art powder coating plant. The above colours will vary with the finished product.


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