Hibberdene Children's Home

The Mercury Hibberdene Children’s Home on the KwaZulu-Natal south coast recently underwent a much-needed refurbishment, with Trellidor securing all windows and external doors with burglar guards and security gates to the value of R112 000. The 86-year old home hosts paying guests such as schools and religious groups, whose tariffs are used to subsidise free holidays for underprivileged children from poor communities and children’s homes around South Africa.


Ingane Yami Children’s Village in the Shongweni Valley outside Durban provides a loving home to children left destitute by the AIDS pandemic. It is a work-in-progress, with more homes being built as funds become available. The not-for-profit project was initiated by Kloof Harvest Church. Trellidor sponsors security barriers for the homes and public buildings, which serve the surrounding community as well as the children and their care givers.


Trellidor works in conjunction with Outsurance to ensure that when an Outsurance client has a break-in, all the procedures are in place to assist as quickly as possible. The process begins with the client’s claim being logged at Outsurance, followed by the Trellidor team arriving on site to do temporary repairs and sending the quote to Outsurance. Once the quote has been approved, Trellidor does the installation as soon as possible to ensure a safe, happy customer.

The Robin Hood Foundation

Trellidor contributes to the Robin Hood Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports those caring for children orphaned by HIV/Aids. The Trellidor staff participates in various fund-raisers to collect food that goes towards making up the ‘Gogo Bags’ distributed by the Robin Hood Foundation on a regular basis to grandmothers burdened with the responsibility of caring for their orphaned grandchildren or deceased neighbours’ children. The Foundation distributes these bags to households identified by social workers in poor communities in Inchanga, Lower Molweni, Chesterville, Shongweni and Hammarsdale.

The Sunflower Fund

Sunflower Fund helps to save the vulnerable in our communities through its drive for bone marrow donors and raising awareness of blood cancer, particularly in children. Trellidor has proudly supported the fund since it was established in KwaZulu-Natal because we recognise the valuable work they are doing for those in need. We participate in as many of their fundraisers as we can throughout the year.

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