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Why security screens are ideal for picture windows

Security screens provide great protection for windows, helping to keep out intruders without blocking garden views. They’re also easy to unlock when you want to open windows for cleaning or fresh air.  They have loads of other benefits too: check out our list.

Reasons to choose Trellidor Clear Guard security screens for your picture windows

  1. They look fabulous. These are top-end security barriers with a classy aluminium frame encasing a woven stainless steel black mesh screen that you see right through from inside your home. They take your home style up a notch, improving the visual appeal of any window or door design.
  2. They’re virtually clear security bars. Trellidor Clear Guard screens don’t clutter up your view of the outside, so you are always aware of what’s happening around your home and who is arriving (or prowling).
  3. They are incredibly practical.  The majority of Trellidor Clear Guard units are designed to open, making them the most user-friendly burglar bars around.  You have effortless access to your windows so that you can open them up when it’s hot or clean them with ease.
  4. They keep out more than just criminal intruders.  Trellidor’s window screens keep out a whole host of nuisances from reptiles to flies and mosquitoes, monkeys and baboons.  You can even leave your glass windows open – just make sure the Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are closed and locked.
  5. They assist with internal climate control.  Trellidor Clear Guard screens for windows help to block out the worst of the weather, including high winds, the sun’s UV rays, dust and extreme heat. 
  6. They’re extremely good at their primary purpose of physical protection.  These screens for windows are first and foremost security barriers.  They have been tested for strength under attack and passed with flying colours.

Mix and match security barriers to suit your budget

Trellidor Clear Guard is a premium product and it may not be practical budget-wise to install it on all your doors and windows.  The solution is to combine several Trellidor security barrier designs around your home.

Choose Trellidor Clear Guard for windows and doors with special views or functions; Trellidor Rollerstyle for selected openings such as your passage; Trellidor Retractable Security for other doors and windows; and Trellidor Fixed Security burglar bars for the remainder of your windows.  Your barriers can be powder coated in the same colour so that they all blend in together seamlessly.

Custom made and professionally installed security screens for windows

Like all Trellidor products, Trellidor Clear Guard security screens for windows are custom made to fit your window properly.  Your local Trellidor franchise will measure your window, design a Trellidor Clear Guard security barrier that will suit the window’s design and install it for you once it arrives at the franchise from the factory.  Call them now for a no-obligations quote.


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