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Visit Trellidor at your Home Expo, East London

Your Home Magazine East London will be hosting the 2016 edition of the Your Home Expo from 15

to 19 June, and Trellidor East London will be there. Franchise Owner Francois du Plessis and his

team welcome visitors to their stand, whether it’s to discuss how best to secure your home or office

or the finer points of Trellidor security barriers.

The full range of security product options will be on show for local residents to try out. “This is

particularly important in the case of Trellidor Clear Guard. These security screens are see-through

and so difficult to see in photographs. Once they see the actual product, people are very surprised

at how streamlined it is and totally unlike conventional burglar proofing,” said Francois.

Also on display will be the newest addition to the Trellidor range, Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar. This is

a transparent and fully framed barrier for windows that is ideal for anyone that doesn’t want their

security measures to impose on their view of the outside.

“We’ll also have our more traditional products on show, such as Trellidor Retractable and Trellidor

Fixed burglar guards. These are still our best sellers as they provide great value as well as high

quality security,” said Francois.

Show specials

When you visit the Trellidor stand at the Your Home Expo, don’t forget to enquire about the Trellidor

show specials. These will be valid for a month after the show ends as long as visitors have obtained

their voucher from the Trellidor team at the show.

Show details:

15 to 19 June 2016

10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. daily

International Convention Centre

East London Beachfront

* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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