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Trellidor wins 'Best overall stand' at Decorex Cape Town 2013

Kevin Bonner, Trellidor Regional Manager receives the award from Sian Steyn, Decorex Exhibition Manager.

Trellidor’s show stand took top honours at Decorex Cape Town this year with the judges commenting that Trellidor had produced a ‘warm and inviting stand to showcase a very difficult product’. 

“We were delighted with the judges’ comments as this was a new concept stand for us and will be used at all the major shows countrywide.  We’re thrilled that it worked so well for show visitors and judges alike,” said Trellidor Regional Manager Kevin Bonner.

The show attracted 36 000 visitors this year and they were treated to a world-class event that encouraged them to source ideas to turn their homes into a ‘blissful escape from our world of too much information and communication’.

The Trellidor stand was designed to be accessed easily from any side, with life-size, working samples of the full range of security barriers.  “We wanted visitors to be able to touch the products and operate them where possible.  So they were able to open and close a Trellidor Rollerstyle shutter using a hand-held remote control and try out a bi-fold Trellidor Clear Guard door,” said Kevin.

Lighting played an important role in the stand’s success, with LED lights creating a warm glow, particularly under the central desk area.  The desk was lit from below so it acted as a very convenient light box for those visitors that had brought their house plans with them to the show.  The branded pillars were also well-lit, making Trellidor easy to spot in the centre of the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Tablets on the desk and plasma TV’s on the pillars played slide shows of installations of Trellidor barriers in homes around the country as well as attack test videos, giving visitors a good idea of what these products look like in situ and how they stand up to assault.

“We were commended for our stand staff as they were all dressed neatly in corporate clothing, with name badges for easy communication.  They are all well trained and knowledgeable, giving security advice when asked and doing Trellidor proud.”

Trellidor had a 200% increase in visitors leaving their contact details and asking their nearest franchise to see them about their security requirements.  The show attracted residents of the Western Cape, holiday makers, and people with homes in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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