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Trellidor Tanzania Trimshop positioned for growth

The Trellidor Tanzania franchise, owned by Mark and Lesley Golding of PM Group (T) Ltd, recently opened an assembly plant, staffed by fully qualified Trellidor Assemblers. “We see this as a massive opportunity for expansion and growth for Trellidor Tanzania,” said Ryan Stoltz, Trellidor International Franchise Manager.

“The franchise used to receive their Trellidor security gates and burglar grilles fully assembled from the factory in South Africa, where the products are made to measure. The Trimshop allows the franchise to assemble and install the most popular designs far more quickly, significantly shortening manufacturing lead times on selected security barriers to local customers.”

Locally assembled products also lead to potential job creation for additional staff and the up-skilling of current employees. Stoltz visited the franchise in July to carry out the required training for assembly staff members Patrick Karoroba, George Mushi, Laurence Nyalusi, Raphael Msigwa, Geofrey Mwalukama and Gibson Malekano as well as Mark Golding (Franchise Owner).

The training took place at the franchise head office in Dar es Salaam, with the highlight being an awards ceremony for the now fully qualified Trellidor Assemblers.

Trellidor Tanzania joins a growing group of Trellidor Trimshops that currently includes Mauritius, Reunion, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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