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Trellidor Seychelles launches new Trimshop

The Trellidor franchise in Seychelles, owned by the Indian Ocean Export Company (Pty) Ltd, has launched a fully-fledged Trellidor Trimshop that will reduce lead times in the custom manufacturing of their best-selling product, Trellidor Retractable T700 security gates.

“This facility will ensure that customers are secured in their homes and offices as quickly as possible once their order is expedited,” said Trellidor International Franchise Manager Rob Chivers, who attended the launch of the Trimshop.

The franchise has also recently installed a showroom with samples of the Trellidor product range. This enables walk-in customers to try out the full range of security gates, doors and burglar bars and to find out about their strengthening features.

“A visit to the showroom is the best way of seeing what the product looks like. It makes it easy to choose the most appropriate security barriers for your home or office and check on how each design operates.”

The Trellidor Seychelles franchise trades under the name ‘Coastal Hardware’ and is located in Victoria. Coastal Hardware supplies a number of high profile products other than Trellidor brands. These include names like Plascon, Stihl, Hitachi and Eva-Tech Composite Decking. The franchise is managed by General Manager Cliff Suzanne.

IOEC Business Development Manager Gresham Sooknunan, joined Rob and the Trellidor Seychelles team for the Trimshop launch.

New Trellidor Seychelles showroom

Trellidor Seychelles recently installed a product showroom for customers at their Coastal Hardware premises.

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