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Trellidor safe zone windows

Once you’ve decided on the right door barriers for your safe zone, you need to check on what physical protection you have on your windows to ensure you’re well secured in your safe haven.

Why you need dependable burglar proofing on your safe zone windows

 A designated safe zone is often the bedroom area in a home because once it has been properly secured, it has two functions:

  • It keeps you secure at night so that you can relax and sleep more easily.
  • It is an area you and your family can retreat to in the event of a security breach.

It becomes a safe zone when you install security gates to all the external doors, passages and/or staircases, but you also need to make sure home invaders can’t get to you through the windows in this area.

What to choose as window protection

Safe zone windows should be safe guarded using the strongest burglar bars you can afford.  It is no good cutting corners here, because poor quality burglar proofing is easy for robbers to kick out or bash through using whatever garden tools you’ve left lying around outside.

Your product choices in the Trellidor range include:

  • Trellidor Cottage Guard – one of the strongest designs on the market as it is manufactured from aluminium square tubing with a reinforced steel bar through the centre, plus it is fully framed.
  • Trellidor Fixed Security - this is a trellis-style, fully framed barrier that looks just like Trellidor Retractable security gates but is non-sliding.
  • Trellidor Rollerstyle – these aluminium roller shutters create a ‘lock down’ when fully closed.  They have the added benefit of being remote controlled if fully automated.
  • Trellidor Retractable Security – Trellidor sliding security gates are not just for doors and can be installed on windows too.

Trellidor RSA franchises and Trellidor International distributors recommend Trellidor Cottage Guard for windows wherever possible because of their strength. There are few products that can compete in terms of resistance to assault.

An alternative escape window is critical

Your safe zone should always have burglar proofing that can open on at least one window.  This is so that you can get out of the house if there is a fire or if you need to go and look for help in a home invasion.

A good place for burglar bars that open is your bathroom, either the family bathroom or an en-suite bathroom.  It is often the safest exit out of the house because it is accessible to everyone and family members can stand on the bath or perhaps the basin to get out.

But it doesn’t have to be the only window with burglar proofing that opens.  You can fit these to any (or all) your windows if you prefer.  The Trellidor burglar proofing ranges that open include:

Visit the Trellidor Applications page to see all the above ranges on different types of windows and the Trellidor Safe Zones page to see more safe haven ideas.

Contributor:  The Trellidor Marketing Team

* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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