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Trellidor RSA Franchise 2017/2018 Winners Honoured

Trellidor recently honoured the winners in the RSA franchise network for the 2017/2018 financial year. “The results were often very close in spite of the difficult economic challenges the country has been facing. We saw some incredible performances and it has been a memorable year for all those that rose to the challenge,” said Trellidor Marketing and Sales Director Peter Rawson.

Winning franchises are identified in the Trellidor website showroom listing by a gold badge bearing a lion and the words ‘Franchise Award Winner’ 

MD’s Award for Trellidor Franchise of the Year

The MD’s Award for Franchise of the Year went to Michael Wheatley, owner of Trellidor Bethlehem. This franchise rose to the top of Category C (smaller franchises) in the Franchise Competition. Sales figures comprise just one aspect of this award. Under Michael’s leadership the Bethlehem franchise surpassed all targets for year by substantial percentages.

RSA Franchise Competition

This competition has three divisions including large franchises (Category A), medium franchises (Category B) and smaller franchises (Category C). The winners were:

Category A: Trellidor Port Elizabeth South

Category B: Trellidor Jeffreys Bay

Category C: Trellidor Bethlehem

RSA Sales Consultants Competition

The Sales Consultants Competition follows the same category format as the Franchise Competition. The winners were:

• Category A: Chris Bester of Trellidor Somerset West

• Category B: Ed Andrew of Trellidor Sandton

• Category C: Michael de Nuysschen of Trellidor George

Units and Rands

A further two competitions within the RSA franchise network and the winners were:

• Most Units Sold 2017/2018: Trellidor Mthatha

• Highest Rand Value Sold 2017/2018: Trellidor Somerset West

Winners of the Trellidor Product Categories

Trellidor has a wide range of products on offer and the highest sales in each range are also recorded and the winner celebrated.  These include:

Trellidor Clear Guard: Trellidor Somerset West

Trellidor Rollerstyle: Trellidor Somerset West

Trellidor Cottage Guard: Trellidor Port Elizabeth South

Trellidor Security Shutter: Trellidor Cape Town South

Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar: Trellidor Sandton

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