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Trellidor products protect feature entry doors

The easiest way for home invaders to get inside a house or apartment is through an open entry door. The fact that they may get caught out by residents is no deterrent, so the best way of avoiding this frightening situation is to block the doorway with a security gate. Trellidor offers a number of different designs to suit all types of home.

Trellidor Clear Guard security screens

These are ideal for entry doors because they can be custom-made to suit the location. This homeowner opted for a combination of fixed panels and hinged doors. The biggest selling points were that there are no bars cluttering up the outlook and the steel mesh insert is see-through, allowing good views of anyone approaching the house.

The mesh screen helps keep out monkeys, which are a huge problem in the area, and works equally well in keeping out insects like mosquitoes and flies. It allows some airflow, which is essential on hot summer days, and assists with internal temperature control by blocking out the sun’s UV rays.

Trellidor Clear Guard is framed in aluminium, which can be powder coated to blend in with the home’s colour palette. In keeping with current décor trends, the most popular colours at the moment are white, matt bronze and matt black.

Trellidor Retractable security gates

This is still one of the most popular designs in front door security gates. Good quality trellis-style gates will give you many years of protection if properly maintained, making them cost effective and giving you peace of mind. Trellidor Retractable gates stack neatly to the side, opening up the entrance when you need to move furniture in or out.

Trellidor fits these gates with patented locking systems that perform extremely well under attack tests. You only need a single key inserted in one key hole to engage multiple locking points inside the lock stile, making it difficult for criminals to know where to attack the gate.

Trellidor Retractable gates are a little more cluttered that designs like Trellidor Clear Guard, but their visibility is an advantage, letting would-be home invaders that they won’t easily gain access to your home.

Like all Trellidor barriers, these gates are custom-made for ‘best fit’ and improved strength under attack. They can be powder coated to your specifications, but like Trellidor Clear Guard, are most commonly ordered in white, matt black or matt bronze.

Trellidor Rollerstyle roller shutters

Aluminium roller shutters are gaining ground as entry door protection. Aluminium isn’t as noisy as steel, so it’s easier to live with indoors. This homeowner chose a Trellidor Rollerstyle shutter and an internal installation because they’re often away from home and wanted to ensure that home invaders were blocked out as effectively as possible.

The residents love the look of their carefully chosen front door, so the fact that the shutter rolls up completely to reveal the lovely door was an added attraction. The shutter is hidden inside a neat, compact box and no bottom track is required, so there is no tripping hazard on the floor.

This roller shutter is fully automated and controlled using either a hand-held key chain remote or a wall-mounted panel. Automation can be linked into a central control system if there is one. Trellidor offers alternatives to electricity-driven motors, such as a solar powered motor and battery back-up.

Contact your nearest Trellidor RSA or Trellidor International franchise to find out more about these front door security designs.

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