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Trellidor Namibia sponsors national cricketer

Trellidor Namibia sponsored cricket equipment for national player Anneri van Schoor, who is a top order batsman for the Namibian Women’s team and has been playing for them for eight years. “She is a great talent and really is doing her part for sport in Namibia,” said Tarien Hattingh of Trellidor Namibia.

Anneri is one of the sport organizers at Windhoek Afrikaans Private School and travels with the athletics teams. She also gives after hours sport lessons and does not ask anything in return.  "She just loves sport!” said Tarien Hattingh of Trellidor Namibia.

In response to the sponsorship Anneri said that it was a dream come true and that she is the first player in the team to be sponsored by Trellidor.  On their recent tour to Zimbabwe the team lost the series 4-0, but Anneri felt it was a good warmup for the African World Cup T20 Qualifiers held from the 7-17 September 2017. 

“Namibia ended up 4th in the tournament so we did not qualify for the World Cup T20. But we have a lot of exciting tournaments and tours ahead for our team and I’m looking forward to the future with Trellidor.”

Anneri is a high profile player and with the company’s logo on her bat and cricket bag and her active participation in social media, Trellidor expects to increase brand awareness in the region.  

Trellidor Namibia is owned by Riaan and Tarien Hattingh and has been based in Windhoek since 2011.  The company has appointed distributors in Central, Northern, Western and Southern Namibia.  They install the full range of Trellidor security barriers, with Trellidor Clear Guard security screens being one of their most popular designs.

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