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Trellidor Cottage Guard for every room in your home

 Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar guards are great protection for windows in any room in your home. Take a look at some installations done by Trellidor RSA franchises and see how to incorporate them into your own home.

Lounge windows in Pretoria

These awning-style windows are fully protected by Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar bars. The window handles are easy to reach and the large glass panes are given a cottage pane effect by the bars. You’ll notice that the burglar bars are framed on all four sides, giving them extra strength.

Bedroom windows in Pretoria

Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar proofing covers these casement windows as well as the fixed panes, because these could easily be removed by thieves with the right glass cutters. The gaps in the burglar bars are kept small enough to prevent intruders from getting through.

Kids’ room in Krugersdorp

In a children’s playroom or bedroom, cottage-pane style burglar bars have a dual purpose: keeping robbers out and keeping kids inside! Interestingly, preventing adventurous children from falling out of windows is one of the main reasons for protecting windows with bars in high rise blocks in other countries.

Bathroom in Johannesburg

Trellidor Cottage Guard is made from aluminium square tubing, so it’s a good product for damp environments such as bathrooms. The tubing is reinforced with a steel bar through its centre, making this one of the strongest burglar bars on the market.

Kitchen in Cape Town

Even kitchen windows can be secured by Trellidor Cottage Guard. This one is in Cape Town and has elegant awning windows that would otherwise be vulnerable to a break-in. The window handles at the bottom of each pane have been accommodated in the design of the burglar proofing. The burglar bars have also been powder coated to match the windows for seamless security.

Diningroom in Durban

This diningroom in Durban has a large, fixed pane window that needed to be secured, and Trellidor Cottage Guard powder coated white was the answer. To get inside, robbers must first break the window pane, then try to get through the burglar bars. This is a noisy time-consuming business with a huge risk of discovery – something that house breakers try to avoid.

To see more installations of Trellidor Cottage Guard visit the Trellidor website.

To see your other window protection options, visit the Trellidor website window applications page.

Or contact your nearest Trellidor RSA franchise or Trellidor International distributor and visit their showroom to see Trellidor Cottage Guard for yourself.

Contributor: The Trellidor Marketing Team

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