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The Star readers love us. Criminals, not so much.

Trellidor is once again the proud winner of The Star Readers’ Choice Award for Best Security Door Company.  We thank readers in the Gauteng region for their faith in our products and our company.

Trellidor has won this award in a number of different regions in South Africa over the years.  We attribute this to our franchise system, where franchises are owner-managed and involved in their local communities.  They understand their customers’ safety fears and requirements and are best placed to provide security solutions.

Trellidor franchises are located close to their customers’ homes and places of work, which is of great benefit to them.  Our Sales Consultants can get to site visits quickly and easily.  They are also aware of crime trends within the area and can offer advice on how best to combat this with physical security products.

Our franchises are required keep customers informed of the progress of their security barrier order and expected installation date.  Added to this is the fact that all Trellidor franchise staff are certified by Trellidor Head Office after undergoing training.  They can offer identification to reassure customers that they are dealing with authorised Trellidor people and receiving genuine Trellidor products.

You can also check that you are dealing with an authentic Trellidor franchise here:

The home of the strongest sliding security gate in the world

Trellidor has received the highest strength rating yet achieved by any manufacturer worldwide for the Trellidor Trojan 3 EMESC T3000 security grille, a sliding steel security gate.  This is a product designed to provide a high level of security in public areas such as stadiums, shipping ports, railway stations, amongst other locations where large crowds gather.

This is a ‘super-sized’ security gate for commercial applications and is unlikely to be used in any homes due to its bulk.  But is reassuring for The Star readers that voted Trellidor the Best Security Door Company that they are protecting their homes and offices with products from the same cutting-edge factory.

We subject all our security gates to stringent testing in our factory to make sure that they will withstand an attack by criminals for a lot longer than competitor products.  This means criminals are more likely to give up trying to get in, or the occupants have time to call for help or get away through an emergency escape window.

Take a look at our attack test videos here:

Thank you, once again, to Gauteng readers of The Star for your vote of confidence in Trellidor.

* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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