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Tailor-made security barriers for Trellidor customer

Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters and Trellidor Clear Guard security screens work side by side to secure these windows

Trellidor doesn’t do DIY for a reason: tailor-made security barriers fit better, look nicer and are generally stronger if made to fit. Take a look at this multi-product project we’ve just completed in Cape Town.

Beautiful premises need security barriers to match

Our Milnerton franchise, owned by Shannon Laubser and Stefan Dreyer, were delighted to work on securing the premises of an electronic goods service centre in Cape Town.

“The premises are modern, light and airy with large windows and lovely views. The brief was to protect the doors and windows as discretely as possible with barriers that would do their job without being too visible to customers,” said Stefan.  Any product installed also had to be easy for staff to operate at opening and closing time.

Security barriers fit for purpose

The franchise team fitted Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium roller shutters to the entrance doors and larger windows, a number of which are nearly 5m wide.  To make it easy for staff, the shutters can all be opened and closed simultaneously using a wall switch, saving time and effort at closing time.

“We supplied them with a hand held remote control as an alternative operating method because the shutters can be programmed to operate individually if necessary,” said Stefan.

When the centre is open for business, the shutters are invisible inside a compact shutter box. The view of the outside is unhindered, allowing in lots of natural light.

Security screen barriers ideal for public areas

Some corners were too tight to fit adjacent shutters, so Trellidor Clear Guard security screens were fitted to the window butting up against the Rollerstyle-secured window.  They fit in neatly next to the shutters and slide open for easy window cleaning.  The mesh screen making up the bulk of the security screen is virtually see-through, keeping the service centre light-filled and expansive.

Trellidor Clear Guard screens were custom made to fit the windows in the public area as they are streamlined and contemporary in design, providing protection without that hemmed in feeling of conventional burglar bars.

Custom made Trellidor Retractable security barriers

Some entrance doors, front and back, as well as windows in the administration area are protected with Trellidor Retractable trellis-style security gates.

 “Our retractable design slides open and closed easily and stacks neatly to the side when open.  They’re also fully framed for strength and the sash has double upright bars (front and back), also a strengthening feature.  We connect three upright bars together with links, unlike most competitor products where two uprights are linked,” said Stefan.

Seamless security blends in beautifully

The three different types of security barrier fitted to this service centre could potentially look cluttered, but powder coating them all white allows the products to blend in with the general surroundings.  Criminals scouting out the building’s security will be left in no doubt that it is well secured, but it isn’t jarring on the eye to customers. 

Trellidor Retractable secures the administration area

Trellidor Clear Guard window protection blends in seamlessly with the surroundings

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