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So much to see at the East Coast radio House & Garden Show!

So much to see at the East Coast Radio House & Garden Show!

Visit the Trellidor stand at the 2015 edition of the ECR House & Garden show to see new products, show specials and how to stay safe during power cuts.

Exciting new products

The Trellidor Durban franchises look forward to this show every year because it gives them a chance to give hands-on demonstrations of the full Trellidor range.  “We always have full size samples of each product so that people can get a good feel for their design and strengthening features,” said Peter Rawson, Marketing and Sales Director.

“As an example, we have new locks for our Retractable range and visitors will see what makes them special as they’re fitted in the actual gate on display at the show.  Our franchise staff will show them the added benefits such as the unique number coding system that enhances the gate’s security.”

The Trellidor stand also incorporates the new Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar for windows plus a video of the attack tests carried out on these transparent burglar bars.  The bars are framed for increased strength and for a very neat finish.

No power? No problem!

Power outages are part of our lives, whether we like it or not.  But there is no need to feel insecure when the lights go off. Come and talk to a consultant on the stand about minimising your security risk with barriers so that you’re properly protected when your automated driveway gate, alarm and sensor beams won’t function during power cuts.

 Trellidor has some great solutions to keep you safe when there is no electricity. The new range of motors for Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters offers options such as manual override, battery back-up and solar powered motors that can take you off the power grid.  This is especially important when the roller shutter is protecting you in your designated safe zone.

Then there are Trellidor Retractable doors and windows that don’t require any electrical power to do their job of protecting you and your family: simply close the barrier and turn the key in the lock.  The same applies to Trellidor Clear Guard security screens for doors and windows.  

Show specials

When you visit the Trellidor stand, don’t forget to ask the franchise staff in attendance about the show specials.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you at the East Coast Radio House and Garden Show!

* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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