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See-through screen doors from Trellidor

This Trellidor Clear Guard security door lets your watch dog see exactly what’s happening outside

Trellidor Clear Guard screen doors are so see-through that the family pet won’t even know it’s there – that’s front door protection with undeniable style.

Here are some examples of how to use highly desirable Trellidor Clear Guard security screen if you can’t stretch to using them throughout your home.

Clear views of the outside world with Trellidor Clear Guard screen doors

Security screen doors and windows from the Trellidor Clear Guard range are becoming ever more popular because of their see-through quality and attractive design.  As security gate prices go, these are a premium product at the upper end of the scale, so some customers are choosing to install it to selected doors and windows.  They then fit more conventional security products to the rest of the doors and windows in their homes.

Prime spots for top-notch Trellidor Clear Guard screen doors include some or all of the following ideas:

Front door security

Protect your front door with a Trellidor Clear Guard security screen door.  It’s a clean-lined, contemporary aluminium frame with a steel mesh panel, so will help to update a tired entrance area or will fit right in with a modern one.  It will certainly enhance the ‘street appeal’ of your home.

The mesh panel allows you (and your dog) to see what’s happening outside, which is an added security benefit.  It also allows in some fresh air flow but blocks out strong winds and harsh sunlight, assisting with internal climate control. 

A Trellidor Clear Guard screen door will keep out more than just criminals.  It stops mosquitoes, flies, monkeys and baboons from getting in too.

Picture window protection

Many homes have a large window that looks out onto a lovely view.  This could be a pretty garden, the ocean, a golf course, mountains or the veld.  It’s such a pity to clutter up an appealing outlook with burglar bars, so why not use Trellidor Clear Guard on this window instead?  The cost will be worth it every time you glance out, and you can make savings by installing other burglar bar ranges on windows with less significant views.

Protect your patio with bi-fold or sliding security screen doors

Another ideal location for Trellidor Clear Guard security doors is a patio off your lounge or perhaps your bedroom area.  The units can be designed to work seamlessly with your patio doors, if you have them. 

If there are no doors on your patio, you could install Trellidor Clear Guard security doors to do double duty as doors as well as security barriers.  This is only recommended for low security risk locations, however, because the more protective layers you have, the safer you are from an attempted break-in.

Trellidor Clear Guard is only available from official Trellidor franchises, so contact your nearest outlet for more ideas on how to use this unique security screen door. 

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