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Security Gate Designs to improve kerb appeal

Improve your home’s kerb appeal with these front door security gate design ideas

First impressions count in the housing market, and these days buyers don’t just want an attractive view from the road. They also want to see its security measures, because this is what potential home robbers will see too.  Here are some front door security gate designs that will suit any door style.

Trellis gates still a popular security gate design

Trellis gates are still one of Trellidor’s biggest sellers to help protect entrance doors from a break-in.  They can look fresh in white or stylish in matt black or bronze.  They can be designed to secure just about any type of door, from double hinged doors in a large home to single ones in an apartment.

Trellidor has a range of options with varying strengths under attack.  Your Trellidor Sales Consultant will help you choose the right one for your front door, as the selection depends on your home’s risk profile or vulnerability.

The Trellidor Retractable Security gate range is known for its smooth operation, sliding easily to the side and out of the way when needed.  These security gate designs feature a single locking point that lock in three points inside the lock stile, enhancing the trellis gate’s strength.

Clear burglar gates an innovative security gate design

Trellidor Clear Guard is a new security gate design and there is nothing else quite like it on the market.  These burglar gates consist of an aluminium frame with a mesh insert that’s made from steel and is very strong under attack.  They can be made to work with your front door no matter how it works.

For example, if you have a sliding entrance door, the Trellidor Clear Guard security gate will be manufactured to slide right alongside the door.  A two panel door will be matched by a two panel security gate design.  A single, hinged entrance door will be protected by a single, hinged Trellidor Clear Guard security screen door.

One of the biggest selling points of this range is that you can see right through the security gate’s mesh panel, so you won’t be caught by surprise by anything happening out there.  The front door can be left open while the security gate is closed and locked, allowing in fresh air and light while helping to keep you safe at home.

Another great feature of Trellidor Clear Guard burglar gates is that the mesh helps to screen out strong wind, sunlight, mosquitoes, miggies, monkeys, flies and baboons.  By filtering midday heat and sun, it helps to moderate internal temperatures.

Sliding double panel doors can be matched by Trellidor Clear Guard security gates

Double doors are easily secured with Trellidor Retractable Security gate designs

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