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Keep damaging sun at bay with these security barriers

Use your outdoor area all year round with roller shutters

Door and window security is an essential part of any home safety plan, so why not choose barriers that do more than just protect you from criminals?  Choose products like Trellidor Rollerstyle and Trellidor Clear Guard and put them to work keeping the heat of summer and dangerous UV rays at bay. Take a look at some homes we’ve recently secured that do exactly that.


Trellidor Clear Guard sliding door panels were installed to protect this bedroom’s glass doors from a break-in attempt but they do more than just deter intruders. The security barrier’s mesh screen also blocks out the worst of the Highveld heat in summer, helping to keep the bedroom cool and minimising the fading effect of harmful UV rays on soft furnishings. Plus they look good while doing it – you hardly notice they’re there as they blend in so well.


The brief from this home owner was to provide ‘lock-down’ protection at the touch of a button without completely blocking the view of the outside.  The residents wanted to be able to see what was happening outside and also wanted light to filter through during daylight hours.  The answer was Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters with punched out slats.  Light and air filter through the slats; the owners can see if anyone is lurking outside and they can lock down their home using a remote control.


Wrap around glass sliding doors make the most of this home’s view from the diningroom, where the owners enjoy the changing seasons and the mountains in the distance.  Trellidor Clear Guard sliding doors protect all the glass doors from intruders without spoiling their treasured view.  They also help keep the summer heat and winter cold at bay, plus any nuisances like the snakes and mosquitoes that plague the area.


Aluminium roller shutters from the Trellidor Rollerstyle range are ideal for changeable coastal conditions.  In this home they’re used to block out constantly changing weather and the hazards that come with it, from slippery tiles due to rain or humidity to high heat damaging patio furniture to excessive winds making the veranda too unpleasant to use. The owners selected perforated slats for their shutters so that they can choose either a complete lock down or a partial one, letting limited air and light through the perforations.  The bonus is that aluminium shutters handle the corrosive coastal conditions better than other materials.

For more information on our versatile Trellidor Clear Guard and Trellidor Rollerstyle ranges, contact your nearest Trellidor franchise and visit their showroom or they’ll meet you on site to provide you with more information.

Beat the heat without losing the view

Use your outdoor area all year round with roller shutters

Cooler bedrooms with Trellidor Clear Guard

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