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How to make trellis gates and burglar bars go round the bend

Revolving office or residential building doors look impossible to secure and most conventional systems are unable to do the job.  This door was fitted with a Trellidor Retractable on curved tracks, providing a protective ‘wall’ around the vulnerable door to prevent unauthorised access into the building.  Once unlocked, it opens to allow full access through the door.

Did you know that trellis gates and burglar bars can go round corners?  Here are pictures of Trellidor Retractable and Fixed installations that prove curved windows and doors can be properly secured.


Bay windows, curved staircases, porthole features and rounded doorways are wonderful architectural elements that add interest to a home or office, but how do you secure them against criminals? 

Often they’re left unsecured in the hopes that the windows look too difficult to get through, but unfortunately there is virtually nothing a determined house breaker with the right tools and plenty of time can’t break through. 

The longest holiday of the year is coming up, a time when housebreaking increases because homes and offices are left empty, so now is the time to get your local Trellidor franchise to install security barriers to your curved openings.  Take your cue from the installations in the gallery on the left.

Order your trellis gates and burglar bars before the holidays

Make sure you order your Trellidor gates and burglar proofing in time to have them fitted before you go on holiday.  Call your local Trellidor franchise and they’ll do a site visit to find out what you need and give you advice on the best barriers for your circumstances.

Trellidor Retractable Security trellis gates are not just for doors.  They can be installed to protect windows too, as shown here.  They’ve been fitted on curved tracks to these windows and can be opened for easy window cleaning.  When closed, these burglar bars provide protections against a break-in.  Windows can be safely opened to allow fresh air into the room.

A home with imposing proportions can seem daunting to secure but it is certainly not impossible.  The curved windows alongside this magnificent staircase provide excellent views but are also a weak point that robbers could exploit.  Trellidor Fixed trellis-style barriers were custom-manufactured and installed to protect the windows as well as the family that lives here.

It’s hard to imagine anyone getting through this little porthole window, but it’s just big enough for a small adult or child to squeeze through.  That’s why a Trellidor Fixed burglar bar unit was made to fit the window.  The trellis design makes sure that no-one can slip through, even if they break the window panes.

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