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How much does Trellidor burglar proofing cost?

Know what burglar proofing you are paying for

The cost of burglar proofing is an important question as it can have a huge impact on one’s budget as well as safety.  We all want the best value for money but also want to be as safe as possible.  In this video and below we highlight the factors that will affect the cost of your burglar proofing in terms of Rands as well as personal safety.

You get the burglar proofing you pay for

Unfortunately, ‘you get what you pay for’ is true about security barriers.  Cheap burglar proofing will be quick and easy to break through; top quality (and more expensive) burglar proofing will offer greater resistance to attack.  You can’t expect the two ends of the price spectrum to do the same job of repelling an attempted break-in. 

As long as you’re aware of this, it’s fine to choose low-cost barriers.   Sometimes budgets dictate that you purchase burglar proofing that acts as a warning sign rather than a dependable deterrent.  Your cut-price burglar proofing will give you little time to escape or call for help before housebreakers get in.

There is no such thing as impenetrable security, of course, but products manufactured with proper strength features will give you far more time to respond to an attempted housebreaking.  It will hold against a concerted attack for longer, forcing the burglar to risk discovery through the time he takes and the noise he makes.  You’ll have more time to escape or press your panic button and phone for assistance.

Off-the-shelf or custom made burglar proofing?

DIY is big in South Africa and growing.  It’s great to do it yourself, but not when it comes to burglar proofing.  These products cannot be compared to a custom made unit that is fitted by a professional installer.  DIY units are simply not manufactured with the same strength, which is why they’re cheaper.  They are also often attached to window frames and are very easy to kick out with a few firm blows from a robber’s boot.

Custom made burglar proofing is made to fit the window properly and in Trellidor’s case, is attached to the substrate surrounding the window for extra strength, using tamper-proof screws and bolts.  Burglar proofing for windows in all our ranges is designed to robustly resist attack and our Trellidor Cottage Guard burglar guard in particular has few rivals on the local market in terms of strength.

Know what burglar proofing you are paying for

As the customer, make it your business to find out what you’re paying for.  There is plenty of misleading advertising out there, so do some research before deciding on your burglar proofing choice.  Some suppliers will quote you on their bottom-of-the-range barrier to get the sale, but not give you full disclosure on what the product is capable of.  It is essential to compare apples with apples to be able to make an informed choice.

The questions to ask the security consultant include:

  • Where does this burglar proofing fit in your product range in terms of strength?
  • Show me the differing strength features between this product and the ones above and below it in your product range.
  • Is this product treated for corrosion resistance?
  • How is it attached to my window and are the fixings tamper proof?
  • What warranties are offered on this burglar proofing?
  • What type of locking system does it have and has it been independently tested? 

Balancing budget and personal safety

When choosing burglar proofing it is possible to make sensible choices in balancing the budget without compromising on safety.  This is where your Trellidor franchise can be of great help.  They can assist you by:

  • Determining the risk factors associated with various areas of your home
  • Explaining the differences in strength and operation between our products in all our ranges
  •  Helping you choose suitable products from our ranges that take that risk factor, your budget and lifestyle preferences into account
  • Arranging for a professional installation by our trained technicians 

Our franchise staff members are also happy to answer any questions you may have on burglar proofing, including the strength versus price debate, so give them a call before you make up your mind on what you want. 


* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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