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House robberies are up in SA so now's the time to check your security

The 2013/2014 crime statistics released by the SAPS in August show that there has been an increase of 7.4% in residential robberies and a 13.7% increase in non-residential robberies.  Use these stats as an incentive to check your home and business security measures to make sure your family and colleagues are as safe from this scourge as possible.

What’s included in the ‘robbery’ category

The crime stats can be confusing in terms of how they categorise forms of crime.  ‘House robbery’ refers to the threat or use of violence in order to steal the victim’s belongings and ‘aggravated robbery’ is where they actually use the weapon.  In this category, on average, 53 households were attacked everyday in South Africa during the 2013/2014 reporting period.

These crime categories don’t include ‘property crime’ such as residential burglary, where possessions are stolen but there is no use of violence.  This type of theft decreased by 0.6%, but the stats show that an unlucky 714 households were burgled every day in South Africa between 2013 and 2014.

Take precautionary measures sooner rather than later

Physical barriers are one of the best ways of keeping criminals out of your home or business.  They act as an obstruction that perpetrators have to breach before they can get to you and your possessions.  This takes time, depending on the quality of the barrier.  It is also a noisy process, increasing their risk of discovery and apprehension.

“We advocate a layered approach to security using several different methods, but you have to start somewhere in terms of budget, so install barriers on every door and window first.  When funds become available, add more layers such as an alarm system,” said Peter Rawson, Trellidor Sales and Marketing Director.

Get professional help to plan your security better

Trellidor has a wide range of security barrier options on offer and franchises countrywide will do a free security assessment for any local resident that’s worried they haven’t done enough to keep intruders out of their property.

It’s important to make sure the barriers you have installed to your doors and windows are capable of doing the job you expect of them.  Different brands can look similar to the untrained eye even though there are vast differences in construction and therefore strength.  It’s a good idea to visit your nearest Trellidor showroom and get them to explain what makes security gates and burglar bars strong and dependable. 

“At our franchise showrooms visitors are encouraged to test all Trellidor security products using the full-size display units.  Professional consultants are on hand to point out the unique strengthening features of each range and demonstrate the patented locking system, designed to be some of the strongest on the market,” said Rawson.

“Our Sales Consultants will also help you develop a plan to make your home safe from intruders using the correct combination of Trellidor barriers.  Our products are all covered by warranties and we provide genuine Trellidor quality after-sales back-up.”

* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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