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First female Trellidor Installer achieves her dreams

The first female Installation Technician within the Trellidor franchise network is living her dream. Martha Mwitha is employed by Trellidor Malawi and she not only loves her job but also achieved an impressive 100% in the recent Trellidor International certification tests held at Trellidor head office in Durban recently. 

“This was a great accomplishment considering that English is not her first language.  I knew that all the lectures and tests would be held in English so before she left for Durban with the rest of our team, I encouraged her to ask questions if she didn’t understand anything said by the facilitators. Even so, for her to get 100% on the tests is just awesome.” George Chirombe, General Manager of Trellidor Malawi.

Martha’s technical skills have never been in doubt.  She is a qualified Grade One Carpenter with an Advanced Diploma.  “She worked in our picture framing business and we realised she had natural technical ability so we gave her the opportunity to train as a Trellidor installer.”

Martha was trained by Nickson Phiri, Trellidor Malawi’s top Trellidor expert, and her peer Chimwemwe Chitseko, who has been installing Trellidor products since around 2003. Chimwemwe also visited Durban Head Office for training around 2007.  Martha installs the full range of Trellidor barriers and has been with the company for eight years now.

“Her colleagues treat her as an equal. She is always in the forefront when it comes to taking on difficult tasks. She joins her male colleagues on installations out of town where they can spend up to a week in the bush. She is an amazing character,” said George.

Trellidor International Sales and Marketing Manager Kevin Bonner agrees.  “Martha was very shy during the lecture sessions, obviously due to the language barrier, but once she was on the factory floor she came alive!  It was phenomenal to see her enthusiastically join the production staff in their tasks and this is undoubtedly her natural element.”

George says that some customers are surprised when she arrives on site and feel uncomfortable at first. “I once had a client who requested a “different” installer. After assuring him of Martha’s capabilities he accepted her and after the installation he had very kind words for Martha. We have had many clients now that call in to request her to handle their installations.”

“As an employer it gives me great joy to see an employee like Martha realising her dreams. I had many capable males to send for training but somehow I settled for Martha. I strongly believe that that decision might one day reward not only our business but The Trellidor brand.”

Martha says that as much as this job is male dominated she sees them as equals. She loves her job with all her heart and is prepared to face any challenges. She says the trip to Durban, which was her first ever trip outside her birth country Malawi, has given her an extra boost. She declares that we haven’t seen the best of her yet!

* Information true and correct at the time of publish
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