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Enjoy nature with Trellidor clear guard


A house in an untamed landscape is the dream of many city dwellers yearning for peace and quiet, but living alongside wildlife in its natural habitat brings with it potential hazards.  A Trellidor customer in KwaZulu-Natal is a nature conservationist with a home in a protected reserve.  He wakes up to the sound of bird song and has a wonderful deck from which to watch whatever animals wander past during the day.

The problem is the area is also home to mosquitoes and flies in summer, monkeys looking for food in winter, and the odd snake chasing a gecko trying to escape into the house.  He needed something that he could install on his external doors and windows that wouldn’t harm the wildlife but would keep it out of his home.

“I love to sit and relax in my lounge with the door open to the elements or cook in the kitchen with the large windows open to catch the sounds of life outside.  I discovered that Trellidor’s Clear Guard range could be made to match these doors and windows.  They’re mesh screens that can be closed and locked when I’ve got my windows and doors open, letting in the fresh air but not the bugs and animals.”

The homeowner has Trellidor Clear Guard screens fitted to his doors and windows, enabling him to enjoy his unique lifestyle without any dangers.  When he has to leave his patch of paradise to do his conservation work, he can lock up knowing that his home is protected from all types of intruders.

To see this homeowner's idyllic lifestyle, watch this video.

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