Third party certification distinguishes products and services from their competitors and gives customers confidence regarding their performance. This is critical in the security barrier industry where competitor products may look similar to approved products.

It is reassuring for customers worldwide to know that Trellicor (Pty) Ltd has international certification confirming that our manufacturing standards and workmanship conform to high global quality levels.

Trellicor (Pty) Ltd products and Quality Management Systems (QMS) are certified by an independent third party, the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), based in the UK. The LPCB falls under the umbrella of BRE Global, an approvals organisation that offers certification of products, services and systems to an international market.

Trellicor (Pty) Ltd has the following certifications:

LPCB ISO 9001:2015 (QMS certification)

Approval of a quality management system (QMS) demonstrates that the company's internal quality systems and processes are in place and operating as intended. Trellicor (Pty) Ltd received ISO 9002 certification in 1998 and the upgraded ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2005 through the SABS. Since 2011 Trellicor (Pty) Ltd has received this certification through the LPCB, which is a certification body for ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) based in Geneva.

The LPCB Mark (product certification)

Independent third party certification of products provides confirmation that those products have met and will continue to meet the requirements of specified standards and other normative documents. After certification the manufacturer is permitted to place the LPCB certification mark, as shown below, on the product, packaging and literature etc. *

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